Old Village Plat Neighborhood Association
General Meeting Minutes
June 7, 2005

Treasure Report: $3,261.86

Election of Board of Directors:

The current Board that was elected by the members present for the 2005/2006 year is Mrs. Alisha Cooley, Mr. Frank Zaran, Miss Beverly Heck, Mr. Terry Laurain, Mr. Rick Floraday, Mr. John Iacoangeli, Mr. Harold Caldwell

The President, Mrs. Cooley, thanked the members who served on the board for the 2003/2004 term. An official thank you will be sent out by her at a future date.

Social Events:

The Chair of the Parlor tour requested that sign up sheets be given out for the tour that will take place in Dec. Future details will follow.

The Block party is scheduled to take place Aug. 20 2005. Details will follow. If you would like to help, please contact Harold at hkcaldwell@aol.com or (734) 457-4574.

The summer BAR-B-Q is scheduled to take place on July 30 2005. Please contact Rick Floraday at (734) 457-6556 if you are planning to attend or would like to help out.

There will not be a general meeting in August. The next general meeting will be in October.

Meeting closed 7:30

Last modified July 5, 2005