Old Village Plat Neighborhood Association
General Meeting Minutes
February 7, 2006

Treasure Report: $3,446.48

Board of Directors Report:

The Board received an update from the Citizen Planning Commission. They will be holding a joint workshop with the City Council to review the proposed zoning change for the OVPNA.

Safety & Blight:

Speeding is still a problem on Scott Street. We will once again request the police to put their portable radar sign on Scott Street to see if it can get people to slow down.

Several Break-ins have been reported in the OVPNA area please be careful and remember to lock your doors on your home and cars and garages.

Committee Report:

Zoning ordinance change: Many members of the OVPNA are in favor of the changes from RM,R2 to R1 but if they do not come to the CPC meetings and truly voice their concerns the change will most likely not happen (why fix some thing if it is not broken). The membership has been informed of the amount of rentals in the area and the city it will truly be up to the citizens of the affected areas to speak out if any changes are to be made. The members will be informed about any upcoming CPC meetings through e-mail and through the newsletter.

Guest: Councilman Paisley was personally invited to attend the February 7th meeting to hear his views and thoughts on issues that affect our area (zoning change, crime etc. However, Councilman Paisley did not attend. He will be invited by mail to our next meeting and he will be given our list of upcoming meeting dates.


Renewal letters have been sent out to all of the current members. Also letters have been sent out to homeowners in the area informing them about the OVPNA. A revised member list and request to update the e-mail list will be sent out in March.

Social Events:

Spring Progressive Dinner: The Caldwell?s will be hosting a Cinco de Mayo dinner in May more details will follow as the date gets closer.

Christmas Parlor Tour: The chair will be having a meeting to plan the tour for 2006. This year we will include homes outside of the OVPNA area more updates will follow.

Meeting closed at 8:30