Old Village Plat Neighborhood Association

General Meeting Minutes

June 6, 2006



Treasurer Report: $3533.48


Guest Speaker: Jeffrey Green, City of Monroe Planning Department


Mr. Green spoke about the advantages of Historic Districts for our area.  Some of the ideas that would be beneficial to our area include increased property value, neighborhood stabilization, protect your property, and over all good incentives for the city (jobs, tourisium etc.)  He also spoke about the Tax credits that both owner occupied and income properties could receive if Historic Districts were put in place. We could also qualify to become a Tif area the same as the Downtown. Tax money that is collected in the TIF area would stay in the area.  We could use that money for improvements for our area or we could, working with the city, be able to give as well receive improvement grants or low to no interests loans for the residents of our area for home improvements. The standards that would be used would be Rehabilitation standards.  They have a lot of leeway and would only be required for improvements made to the outside of the homes. Paint color will not fall under any restrictions or any improvements made to the inside of homes. Also you will not be required to restore your Home or Building to its original appearance and you will not need permission to make repairs or do ordinary maintenance. Mr. Green suggested that if the OVPNA members would like to take part in this type of program that they should contact their council person or contact the secretary of the OVPNA to proceed.


Report on zoning changes:


The areas of Macomb st from 2nd to 5th have been re-zoned from r-2 to r-1 and the areas of Washington Street that were RM have been changed to R-2. This should be a positive change for the area. This is the first phase of re-zoning for our area other areas of the association will be coming up for review.


Social Events:


The Caldwell’s hosted the spring progressive dinner.  Cinco De Mayo was the theme.  All who attended had a great time lots of fun, food and entertainment.


The Man-ni-que will be hosted at the home of the Zaran’s at 309 E. 5th Street on July 15 2006 at 6pm. 


The block party will be in August.  It will be hosted by John and Robyn Iacoangeli.   


The fall progressive dinner will be hosted by Ann Zaran some time in October.


Further notices will be sent out as the events get closer.


Parlor Tour:


June Coyne, Chairperson, updated the members on the progress of the tour.  She has 2 homes that are interested so far she would like to have 5. This year we will be going to include homes outside of the association boundaries for the tour.  If any members know of any homes or would like to help out please contact the tour chair June Coyne at 243-5992 or the secretary of the OVPNA


Other Business:


The association has been approached by the Cancer fund raiser Cup of Hope.  They would like to use our area for their fund raising walk.  They would like to us to supply 4 homes as points of interest for the walk.  They will only be looking at the outside of the homes from the sidewalks.  If you would like to have your home featured on this walk or would like to help out by volunteering to give a little talk or history about a featured home please contact June Coyne at 243-5992 The date for the walk will be September 3, 2006 from 11 to 2pm


A letter was received from the homeowner at 222 E. 2nd Street concerning a rental property at 208 E. 2nd Street.  The tenants were removed for incarceration. All of the furnishings and other property in the home had to be destroyed before they could be removed from the home so this could indicate an infestation problem or a contamination issue due to illegal activity.  The homeowner is advising the association of the home so that the members in the affected area can be mindful of any infestation or contamination problems that may occur in the future.


Up Date Bylaws:


The members voted to amend the bylaws to reflect the following:

All Board members must be homeowners living within the boundaries of the OVPNA.

Also add to Bylaws one Director at large may be elected by the Board regardless of home ownership within the OVPNA boundaries. (Motions Passed)


A vote was taken for the OVPNA to supply a dumpster for the members for a summer home clean up. This motion passed.  A date and location for the dumpster will be given at a future date.


Election for Board OVPNA:


An updated report will be given after the first Board meeting.  The Nominees were Mrs. Tonya Sweat, Mr. Frank Zaran, Mrs. June Coyne, Mr. Dan Wasshenova, Mr. Terry Laurain, Miss Beverly Heck, and Mr. Rick Floraday.  A write in candidate is Mr. Harold Caldwell.



Meeting closed 9:30 pm