Old Village Plat Neighborhood Association
General Meeting Minutes
February 6, 2007

Treasurer Report: The Treasurer will give an updated report at the next General meeting

Committee Report: The President welcomed new members, Brian & Pam Smith and Mike & Kathy Powers to the meeting.

Welcome Baskets: June Coyne informed the Members that she is in the process of delivering the welcome baskets to the new families that have moved into the OVPNA area.

Safety & Blight: A question was asked about the private parking lot on 2nd between Scott & Macomb. Why have the required improvements not been made to the parking lot? It was requested that the Secretary forward the question to the City and report back to the Association.

Other Business: Residents of the 200 block of S. Macomb requested the Secretary to find out if the side of the 200 block that is Central Business District (CBD). Can it be removed from the CDB area and placed into the residential area?

The Chair of the friends of the Dorsch informed the members that she is going to have a meeting with the city to help find other sources of funding for the library expansion.

The Luminary event was a great success. June Coyne, the Chair of the Luminary Event, suggested that we should make this a yearly event. She informed the members that she has ideas on how to make this event more cost effective for the Association.

Spring Dinner: This yearŐs dinner will have a Celtic theme. The proposed date is March 24, 2007. The location will be at 303 Washington The start time will be 5:30 pm. It will be a pot luck event and a $5 fee has been requested to cover the entertainment. More details will follow as the date gets closer and information will also be in the next newsletter.

Block party: The Association is looking for members who would like to chair the block party for 2007. If any members are interested, please contact the Secretary at hkcaldwell@aol.com

Board Member Bev Heck suggested that we have a themed walking tour through the OVPNA area. The tour theme would depict a specific date in our areaŐs history and would be a reenactment of the people and events that took place in our area. A vote was taken and passed to have Bev start the ground work for this event. If you would like to help out please contact Bev Heck at 242-8308 or at beverlyheck@msn.com

Member Jim Coyne would like the Association to consider changing our name from the Old Village Plat Neighborhood Association to the Old Village Neighborhood Association.

Meeting closed at 8:45